3.6 - Fundamentals


• Module 1 - ESB Fundamentals
• Module 2 - Introduction to Neuron ESB
• Module 3 - Introduction to Messaging
• Module 5 - Repository
• Module 6 - Introduction to Business Processes
• Module 9 - Introduction to API and Service Hosting
• Module 12 - Introduction to Connectors
• Module 15 - Monitoring Neuron ESB Applications
• Module 16 - Introduction to Long-running Workflows
• Module 19 - Workflow Hosting and Tracking
• Module 21 - Tracing, Logging and Troubleshooting Installations


The Fundamentals courses provide introductory instruction with these primary learning objectives:

  • Introduction to ESB and Integration Concepts
  • Neuron ESB features and its place in the integration technology space
  • How to use Neuron ESB to solve a variety of business integration problems including:
    • Application, data and service Integration
    • Business Process Management and Automation
    • Service Composition and API hosting 
    • Long running Workflow Automation
  • Using Neuron ESB to build, deploy and manage distributed solutions

The modules contain key learning objectives as described in each individual course summary. The goal is that upon completion of a module and its associated lab exercise, attendees will attain competency to address each key learning objective.


5 Days


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