3.6 - Intermediate


• Module 4 - Using the Messaging API
• Module 7 - Building Complex Business Processes
• Module 10 - Developing and hosting REST-Swagger APIs
• Module 11 - Developing and hosting SOAP-WSDL Based Services
• Module 13 - Using Adapters and Mediation to Integrate Systems
• Module 17 - Build, Test and Extend Integrated Workflows
• Module 20 - Operational Security


The Intermediate courses provide intensive instruction with these primary learning objectives:

  • Using advanced features of Neuron ESB to solve a variety business integration problems including:
    • Custom .NET application integration
    • Developing SOAP and REST services
    • Mediation of data between systems using adapters
    • Extending Workflows
  • Using Logic and Flow Control in Business Processes
    • Exception Management and Handling in Business Processes
  • Operational Security

The modules contain key learning objectives as described in each individual course summary. The goal is that upon completion of a module and its associated lab exercise, attendees will attain competency to address each key learning objective.


5 Days


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