3.6 - Intermediate Module 11


This module continues the discussion on Client Connectors and Service Connectors with a focus on SOAP-based connections. Third-party tools are used to demonstrate how to initiate and test Neuron ESB hosted SOAP Endpoints. In addition, this module discusses how to associate your SOAP Endpoint with a WSDL file. Attendees will also learn how to jumpstart their efforts by using Neuron ESB’s Import a Service Feature, apply common Security protocols and read/write SOAP Headers and Cookies. Lastly, we’ll review when and how to use custom WCF (Windows Communication Framework) bindings and behaviors to extend Neuron ESB’s service and API capabilities.


Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the role of WSDL and how it can be hosted by Neuron ESB
  2. Learn how to use WCF bindings to communicate with SOAP based/ASMX/Java services
  3. Learn how to extend SOAP based services using custom bindings and custom behaviors
  4. Discover how to import existing SOAP based services into Neuron ESB
  5. How to create SOAP based services hosted by Neuron ESB
  6. Learn how to inspect and write SOAP headers and Cookies
  7. Understand how to apply basic security using Certificates, Username/Password and Integrated Authentication


1 hour


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