3.6 - Fundamentals Module 12


An Adapter in Neuron ESB is reusable module that facilitates a connection to either databases, queues, protocols, transports or line of business systems. Adapters are used to abstract the communication details from the developer so that they can focus on message processing. Attendees will become familiar with the out of the box adapters included with Neuron ESB and how they can be configured. Attendees will learn how adapter endpoints can be used in concert with messaging and how individual endpoints can be configured to run under the context of specific security credentials


Learning Objectives

  1. Discover the built in Adapters included with Neuron ESB
  2. Learn how Adapters are used to connect to protocols, databases, queues, transports and line of business systems.
  3. Understand how to register an Adapter using the Neuron ESB Explorer
  4. Create and interact with an Adapter Endpoints
  5. Learn how to run Adapters under a different set of user credentials


1 hour


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