3.6 - Intermediate Module 13


Often, multiple external systems need to push data to and/or pull data from other external systems. For example, SalesForce CRM might need data from your Marketo Campaign System. Just as Neuron ESB can broker communication between custom internal services, so too can it broker communication between non-custom systems. Often, the need arises for multiple adapters and endpoints to work in conjunction with one another. Attendees will learn how to use Adapters with different messaging semantics, how to expose adapters as a Service/API and use Adapter Policies to control failure actions and retries. Business Processes will be used to extend and control the functionality of Adapters at runtime.


Learning Objectives

  1. How different messaging semantics work with different adapters
  2. How multiple adapters can work together
  3. How business processes can extend adapter functionality
  4. Using adapter meta data to dynamically configure an adapter at runtime Using Adapter Polices to control retries and failure actions


1 hour


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