3.6 - Fundamentals Module 16


Neuron ESB Workflow features the ability to define long-running, fault-tolerant and persisted Workflows. Where Business Processes are meant to be short running in-memory only, Workflow is designed to be an alternative when persistence and activity tracking is required. Workflow is based on and extends Microsoft’s Workflow Foundation technology. In this introductory session, attendees will be introduced to Workflow. Attendees will learn the types of workflows supported, how they relate to messaging, how to configure persistence points and how they can directly integrate with all of Neuron ESB’s sub systems and services.


Learning Objectives

  1. Basic understanding of Workflow uses and how it is implemented in Neuron ESB
  2. Working knowledge of the Workflow Designer
  3. Understand how to use and configure Workflow Activities
  4. Discover how to interact with Neuron ESB Services, Adapters, Topics and Messaging Auditing
  5. Learn the difference between Normal, Correlated and Request/Reply type of Workflows
  6. How and why to use Persist Workflow Activities and when persistence occurs
  7. Learn about Workflow Endpoints, how they relate to a Workflow definition and the pub/sub pattern in Neuron ESB


1 hour


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