3.6 - Intermediate Module 17


Attendees will learn how to build and test workflows within the Neuron ESB Workflow Designer. They will review Process control logic within a Workflow that allows for control loops, if/then/else constructs as well as parallel processing. In addition, attendees will learn how to incorporate their own DLL’s in a workflow and explore debugging techniques for workflow. Exception management techniques will be covered as well as how to access Neuron ESB specific APIs directly in a workflow to enable the development of more dynamic and sophisticated solutions


Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how to build and test Workflows
  2. Learn how to use advanced control flow shapes for parallel processing and complex logic processing
  3. Understand how to reference external .NET assemblies in a Workflow
  4. Understanding of where, when and how to use exception management within a Workflow
  5. Learn how to modify an incoming or outgoing message
  6. Accessing built in workflow arguments and variables
  7. How to leverage Neuron specific APIs to solve more complex problems
  8. Using and importing Custom WF workflows and Activities


1 hour


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