3.6 - Advanced Module 18


In this module, attendees will be introduced to the concept of correlation and how it is implemented within the Neuron ESB workflow engine. Attendees will learn how to build a Correlated Workflow, which is synonymous to a Singleton Pattern, whereas one instance of a workflow will process a set of messages that come in that match a similar pattern. This kind of workflow is common in batch aggregation scenarios. In other cases, situations arise in which disparate systems must coordinate their work at specific checkpoints. For example, a running workflow instance may need request an approval or information from another system. It could be minutes, hours or days before the information is transmitted back, yet it must be forwarded to the correct instance of the running workflow so that it may continue processing. Using custom correlation within a Workflow enables Neuron ESB Workflows to do just that.


Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the difference between custom correlation and Correlated Workflows (e.g. Singleton pattern)
  2. Using custom correlation in Send and Receive Workflow Activities
  3. Initializing a custom correlation set without Sending a message
  4. Testing correlated Send and Receive enabled Workflows 5. Building Correlated workflows


1 hour


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