3.6 - Intermediate Module 20


Neuron ESB supports a number of security schemes that can limit access to certain Publishers and Subscribers (Parties). In addition, messages sent over specified topics can be encrypted. In this module, the basics of how Neuron ESB manages encryption keys, administrators, access control lists (ACL’s) and credentials are covered. Also, Neuron ESB can be configured to run under specific user credentials. Learn the necessary steps to take to run under a least privilege account to restrict access to essential services. Attendees will learn how to configure security for the Neuron ESB database, what roles and groups are required.


Learning Objectives

  1. How to use least privilege account for configuring the Neuron ESB runtime and Workflow host
  2. Understand the Neuron ESB database roles and how they are used to control runtime and user access
  3. Learn how the Security elements stored within a Neuron ESB Solution are secured and how they can be accessed at runtime
  4. Understand how to restrict access to Neuron ESB Solutions deployed to servers
  5. Learn how to configure Rabbit MQ management portal and transport for secure operations
  6. Learn how to lock down MSMQ based infrastructure queues


1 hour


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