3.6 - Fundamentals Module 21


Tracing, Logging and Troubleshooting Installation It isn’t always about the happy-path in business system development and Neuron ESB isn’t immune to logic or even product bugs. The good news is that Neuron ESB provides a rich set of logging and diagnostic tools to isolate the root cause when things don’t work as expected. In this session, attendees will learn about how to negotiate the various Neuron ESB log files to diagnose problems as a first step to problem remediation. Attendees will also learn how to implement custom tracing in their solutions and how to use message auditing and the Neuron ESB event log to assist in diagnosing issues.


Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how to use and configure Neuron ESB Logging and WCF Tracing to diagnose problems
  2. Understand how to access the Neuron ESB Event log and use the Windows Event Viewer
  3. Discover how to use Message Auditing with custom properties to augment tracing
  4. Learn how to diagnose common installation issues to quickly resolve


1 hour


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