3.6 - Advanced Module 22


Another Neuron ESB strength is its support for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) best practices. Often, organizations will have separate environments for dev, test and production. In each environment, resources may be expressed differently. Neuron ESB handles this with Environmental Variables. Other deployment topics discussed include port assignments and Port Sharing where multiple Neuron ESB instances are running on a single machine. Database and MSMQ management as well as machine and workflow management with Deployment and Availability Groups respectively are also covered.


Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the general features of the Neuron ESB Deployment Groups
  2. How to deploy Multiple runtime instances for solution partitioning
  3. Understand how Environmental Variables work and where they can be managed
  4. Apply Environmental Variable Bindings to Neuron ESB artifacts and in a Business Processes
  5. How to use Import/Export to create deployment packages and partial deployment package
  6. Understand life cycle deployment scenarios using Source Control Systems


1 hour


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