3.6 - Fundamentals Module 09


This module begins with an overview of all the service and API specific items in the Neuron ESB Explorer Connections tab which includes importing a service, Service Bindings/Behaviors, Service Endpoints and Service Polices (Adapter and Workflow concepts are covered in their respective modules). Attendees will learn how to use Client Connectors (Services/APIs) hosted by Neuron ESB to create On-Ramp Patterns which they can send messages to. Attendees will also learn how to call external services and APIs (Service Connectors), implement dynamic routing and configure Neuron ESB to handle retries and failures using Service Policies.


Learning Objectives

  1. General understanding of Service Endpoints
  2. Learn how Neuron ESB can host API and SOAP-based services
  3. Learn how Neuron ESB can route traffic to existing services and call cloud-based APIs
  4. How to configure and manage Service Endpoints in Neuron ESB Explorer
  5. Understand the role of custom bindings and custom behaviors
  6. Using Service Polices to control retries and failure actions


1 hour


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